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Start seeing results in 1-2 weeks! We guarantee that your KP will be less noticeable in 30 days or you get your money back.

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To see results as quickly as possible use our products together to eliminate the red, rough bumps on your upper arms and thighs caused by keratosis pilaris.
 Exfoliating Skin Cream
This all-natural skin cream has been specifically designed to reduce the appearance of red, rough bumps caused by keratosis pilaris.
 Body Scrub
$29 $35
Wash away the extra keratin on the surface of your skin with our gentle exfoliating body scrub, allowing your skin to turn over naturally with smooth, healthy new skin cells.
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What is Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis Pilaris (also known as follicular keratosis or “chicken skin”) is a common cosmetic skin condition that affects 50% of adults and 80% of adolescents, both male and female.

Ever noticed tiny, hard, red bumps on the back of your arms, legs, or even your face? Chances are, you have Keratosis Pilaris.

KP can be hard to identify and even more difficult to get rid of – but we’re here to help!

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The only treatment that consistently worked

I’ve had KP on my upper arms and legs since I was 13, and was always embarrassed to wear tank tops, bikinis, or other clothing that showed off my skin. I’d tried prescription and over-the-counter acne medicine, lotions, moisturizers, and more – nothing else reduced my KP at all.

Jill B.

I’m no longer afraid that someone will see my skin

I have had KP since I was a small child. I am now 31, and the mother of two. It seemed that the older I got, the worse my KP got. After one week of using KP Elements, I would say my bumps & redness has decreased by about 95%. My skin feels softer than it ever has. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Niki V.

Makes my heart happy to see my kid confident again

I bought this for my son who developed Keratosis Pilaris in the last year or so. Our dermatoligist told us what it was, but basically said nothing could be done - but then came KP Elements. After a week, it was noticeably better & he is so happy to wear short sleeves again!

Karen K.

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