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3 Things that Can Cause KP to Flare Up

3 Things that Can Cause KP to Flare Up

Though keratosis pilaris has no effect on overall health, it can be quite the nuisance for those who suffer from this condition. Keratosis pilaris can cause individuals to be self-conscious about exposing their arms, legs, and other affected areas. For those with the condition, it may help to understand what can cause those little red bumps to flare up — and how you can avoid it.

Not Getting Enough Vitamins

Vitamins are part of a foundation for healthy, soft skin. If you are not getting enough Vitamins A and K in your diet, you may be seeing some of the side effects on your skin. Eating foods rich in vitamins may help approve the appearance of the bumps and has lots of other health benefits!

Too Much Exfoliation

Hashly scrubbing your skin with a loofah or exfoliating glove may seem like it would help get rid of bumps, but it actually could be having an adverse effect. Rubbing the skin may cause it to dry out and become rougher over time.

Not Enough Sunlight

Some may notice that their keratosis pilaris may be slightly better in the summer — that’s because sun exposure can help to calm outbreaks! During the winter months when your arms and legs are bundled up, skin barely sees the light of day. Light exposure to the sun may do your skin some good, but we never recommend indoor tanning as a solution.

Eating poorly and avoiding the sun may cause those little red bumps to flare up. But by incorporating the right foods and being gentle with your skin, you may see an improvement in the appearance of your keratosis pilaris. Looking for faster results? KP Elements can help clear those bumps that won’t seem to go away in as little as 3 weeks!

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