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3 Genius Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping

3 Genius Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping

Team up with friends

school supplies

The idea for this is that buying in bulk is almost always cheaper. If you team up with other parents who are back to school shopping you can get bulk discounts without having to store 10 years worth of pencils. Most school supply lists are similar to each other, and it’s even likely you can find parents from the same school with the exact same list! Shopping with friends is more fun anyways.

Buy refurbished

refurbished laptop

Technology is becoming more and more important in the classroom and at home. Depending how old your child is, you might be required or asked to provide a laptop or other expensive electronics. Look for gently used and refurbished options when you can. Most kids are hard on their electronics, and it’ll save you some money as well!

Get creative with clothing

back to school clothing

There are a lot of options when it comes to buying your children’s back to school outfits. First of all, see what they really need to buy again and what they can still wear. Once you’ve figured out what they actually need start off with asking around with other parents if they have any clothes they’d want to swap. You can team up with the same friends for both bulk shopping and this!

The next stop you should make in your hunt for clothes is any local consignment stores. If you’re in a more populous area chances are there will even be ones just for kids.

Of course, you always visit your local department, clothing, and big box stores. Almost all of these stores will be running some sort of back to school promotion. Check out their deals online before heading to the store so you’ll know whether it’s worth the trip. If you take your kids limit them to one regular price item so both you and your wallet can stay happy!
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