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7 Key Components to Almost-Fall Fashion

7 Key Components to Almost-Fall Fashion

Fall is surely coming and we’ll greet it when it does, with a pumpkin spice latte in hand. But I, for one, am not quite ready to ditch my thin, breezy t-shirts, bright sundresses, sandals or shorts. Luckily, we have a bit of leeway to continue wearing such styles into the fall. The seasons transition and we’re left with hotter days than we expect, yet rather cool nights. Dress accordingly and read on to see how your favorite summer styles can work for you right into autumn.

Tanks and t-shirts

There’s always a need for these in any closet, and in the fall they can easily multitask under cardigans, denim jackets, chambray tops, plaid button downs or trench coats. Even graphic tees are perfect layered under a warmer top.

Summer dresses

Those bright, sunny pieces need not be packed away until next summer. Throw a leather jacket on top or pair one with a denim jacket and feel as if you’re the happy owner of a whole new outfit!

Suede booties with skirts, shorts and dresses

The flip flops and sandals will sadly be worn less and less. Make sure you have the perfect pair of suede booties on deck to take their place. They’ll pair nicely with most summer pieces like dresses, mini skirts and denim shorts, and will add just the right amount of autumn edge.

Shorts and warmer tops

Summer is too short of a season, especially when you find the perfect pair of denim cut off shorts. Put them to even more use by pairing them with tunics, sweaters, and cropped hoodies. This combo is perfect for those warmer days, followed by chilly nights.


No-brainer, here. Scarves are a defining part of fall for all you fashion-lovers out there. Any color, any texture and any style of scarf will complete any outfit you throw on as the seasons shift.

Maxi dresses and Jumpsuits

The jumpsuit had a moment this summer (and maxis are always fabulous) so there’s no reason to take them out of commission just yet. Often floor length with pretty patterns, these two pieces just need a leather jacket or a bomber to maintain their versatility. Chambray button downs look great over prints and patterns, too.

Bright and Neutral Colors

Combine bright-colored anything with neutral fall colors to welcome the season of brisk nights, football and pumpkin spice lattes. A bright-colored top over olive skinny jeans will do the trick, or pair a neutral trench coat over bright skinnies to complete the look just as well.

Spend more time planning the cutest fall outfits, and less time worrying about Keratosis Pilaris — treat it with the best. Priorities!
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