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How to Survive Back to School Season

How to Survive Back to School Season

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Get Started Early

By reading this you’re already getting a head start! The worst part of back to school time is the last minute things that will stress you out more than they should. If you as parents can stay calm and collected your children will feel much more comfortable and confident about the new year.

One trick for school supply shopping is to be looking out for can’t miss deals throughout the year instead of just in the weeks leading up to the school year. A lot of stores run sales specifically for back to school, but picking up everything slowly will avoid any last minute and expensive purchases when you can’t find what you’re looking for at a reasonable price.

Get Organized

Early in the summer start taking stock of what will be usable from last year, what the requirements are for next year, and what you’ll need to buy. You’ll likely be surprised by how much you already have laying around your home! Pens, paper, notebooks, and pencils could be left over from last year. Almost all of this can be reused, there’s no need to be wasteful and replace what you already have.

This is true for both school supplies and back to school clothes. Reusing clothes and school supplies may not be what the kids want, but it will be better for your time, your wallet, and the environment.

Get Used to the Schedule

The first day of a strict school schedule is a huge change for the whole household. During the last week to two of the summer slowly ease into the right bed time. If needed, also wake up late sleepers near the time they’ll have to get up once school begins. This’ll get everyone ready for the school schedule without quite as many complaints or struggles to get enough sleep. Also, don’t forget to plan for mealtimes as younger children in particular will need more time to adapt to a new routine. If there will be any extracurricular activities, make sure rides are arranged and everyone still has enough time to do homework and eat.

A little bit of work ahead of time can make a big difference in the transition back to the school schedule!

Another to thing to do to get your child fully ready for heading back to school is to treat the red bumps that often occur on the back of their arms. Almost every child gets these bumps called keratosis pilaris at some point, it can really affect their confidence, and they can be treated using a keratosis pilaris treatment cream and scrub.

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